Here is a perfect example of how the anti-smoking / anti-18l新利官网tobacco crowd aggressively pushes for the trampling of our rights and freedoms,tries to turn smokers into pariahs,is rude,ill-informed,andself-righteous,while at the same time,us pipe smoker's are even-tempered,logical,intelligent,and respectful.

Scroll to the comments on the article linked below,and read comment #7 from Carol,and then read Cortzattic's response to her just below it.

Ocean City Maryland Public Park Smoking Ban.

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One Response to "Excellent Response to Anti-18l新利官网Tobacco Nazi"

  1. classicgeek said:

    Nice.The trick is to try to stick to the facts and not get swept up in the animosity.Funny how the cigarette butt litter came up.That's weird on two levels: it's a littering offense not exclusive to smoking,and I have yet to find the cigarette butt dispenser on any of my pipes.


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