PipesMagazine.com Cartoon Caption Contest Sponsored by SmokingPipes.com & Savinelli

欢迎参加2018年8月卡通字幕大赛。Cartoonist Jerry King creates pipe cartoons exclusively for PipesMagazine.com every month.每个月,one of the four cartoons will be published without a caption so contest entrants can submit their own entries.

SmokingPipes.com网站and Savinelli co-sponsor the monthly contest.PipesMagazine.com Editorial Staff will judge the entries and SmokingPipes.com will award the prizes.The 1st,第二,and 3rd place winners will each receive prizes as follows.

2nd place: Savinelli tamper,萨维内利贴纸

For legal and logistical reasons,the contest is only open to residents of North America,不包括魁北克。

Read the Contest Rules Here::Enter the Contest Here
::See the July 2018 Winners Here

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