How would you like to make your own briar pipe?

Well that's exactly what participants in the"Hands On" Pipe Making Seminargot to do at theChicago Pipe 18l新利官网Showat thePheasant Run Resort in St.Charles IL.It seems like it would be a lot of hard work,and it is,but with the guidance of expert pipe makers,the participants turned out some impressive results.

Every year at the Chicago Pipe 18l新利官网Show,during the early pre-18l新利官网show days on Wednesday & Thursday,there is a two-day seminar where registrants get to make their own pipes.The class is two full days from 9 - 5 and has a nominal registration fee of $75.Each participant is given a cut briar block ready for carving along with a stem.

The schedule was as follows (from theCPCC Website):

9AM TO 5PM DAILY Brian Ruthenberg/ "Hands On" Pipe Making Seminar

***Access only to pre-registered participants,Pipe Makers scheduled to participate in the seminar and the 18l新利官网Show Staff.No others allowed in the area because of safety issues,security issues and because of disruption to class.There is a two-day agenda and it must be adhered to.

Information on the seminar:

18l新利官网Show Officer in charge is Rex Poggenpohl and the Instructors for the seminar are as follows: Brian Ruthenberg (lead instructor),Jaden from Hew-Len pipes and Alex Florov.Jeff Gracik and Rad Davis will be assisting/ teaching on Thursday,possibly Wednesday if they arrive at the 18l新利官网show early enough.

Coming in on Thursday for some additional help and critics are: Tom Eltang,Peter Heeschen,Teddy Knudsen,Poul Ilsted,Manuela Riger-Krusk,Ed Jurkiewicz and possibly Michael Butera.

The Participants in the Pipe Making Workshop

Aaron Harris from Hartselle Alabama

The Participants in the Pipe Making Workshop

Carlos from Chestnut,IL (on the right 18l新利官网showing his name tag)

Pipe Making Workshop Pipe

Pipe Making Workshop Pipe

I Wonder What This One Will Look Like When it is Done?

I Wonder What This One Will Look Like When it is Done?

Sand Blast Machine

Sand Blast Machine

Alex Florov,Brian Ruthenberg,Rex Poggenpohl,Jeff Gracik

Alex Florov,Brian Ruthenberg,Rex Poggenpohl,Jeff Gracik

Before & After Shots of Pipes

Before & After Shots of Pipes

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2011 Chicago Pipe 18l新利官网Show will be two weeks later than usual because of the late Easter Holiday.

New Dates: Chicago Pipe 18l新利官网Show May 14 & 15,2011

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9 Responses to "Chicago 18l新利官网Show "Hands On" Pipe Making Seminar"

  1. pstlpkr said:

    Truly impressive results.

  2. Bobsaid:

    Those pipes came out looking great for their first time!

    I would love to try making one,but I don't know if I would have the patience to make a pipe.

    I hope those guys come here and post how they smoke.

  3. Aaron Harris said:

    Hi everyone,I'm really happy with how my pipe turned out.I kinda surprised myself,I was thinking that it was gonna come out looking like a Mr.Potato Head pipe,but it turned out great!I have smoked it a couple of times now and it smokes great.Nice dry,cool,smoke.I would highly recommend the class to anyone.The pipe makers were very helpfull and were a wealth of information.Sign up early though cause the class is small and filled up really quick.

  4. chuckw said:

    Here's hoping they do the same at the Richmond 18l新利官网show in October.

  5. Bobsaid:

    Welcome Aaron!

    Glad to see that you 18luck新利官网下载joined and I'm also glad to hear that your pipe smokes great!

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