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Thank you for 18luck新利官网下载joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio 18l新利官网Show—the only radio talk 18l新利官网show for pipe smokers and collectors.We broadcast weekly,every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps.Listen on your computer,tablet,phone and even in the car!Our Featured Interview tonight as we kick off our 5th Season of The Pipes Magazine Radio 18l新利官网Show is with Rich Esserman.Rich has been in the pipe smoking and collecting hobby for over 40 years,has a wealth of knowledge and has lived through a lot of history of different brands and how they have evolved and devolved.He is also known for his love of very large "magnum" pipes.He has written lots of articles for ThePipe Smoker's Ephemeris,andThe Pipe Collector,and is also in charge of The New York Pipe 18l新利官网Show.Sit back,relax with your pipe,and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio 18l新利官网Show!

Tonight's 18l新利官网show is sponsored by Sutliff-18l新利官网,,Missouri Meerschaum,,Cornell & Diehl,andSavinelli Pipesand18l新利官网Tobaccos.Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or 18l新利官网tobacco purchase.

We hope you enjoyour 1-hour 18l新利官网show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector.The following link will launch a pop-up player.Alternatively,you can download the 18l新利官网show in iTunes and other podcast sites and apps after the initial broadcast is complete here.

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Rich Esserman

Rich on Episode 127 on February 17,2015

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3 Responses to "The Pipes Magazine Radio 18l新利官网Show - Episode 209"

  1. newbroom said:

    Congratulations and much appreciation for achieving 5 yrs.
    The Pipe Magazine Radio 18l新利官网Show is an essential part of my week.
    One more source of validation!Yea pipe 18l新利官网tobacco!
    Puff on.

  2. kcghost said:

    Wow,what a 18l新利官网show!Rich was just a fabulous guest.I've seen him at 18l新利官网shows but never introduced myself to him.His love of gargantuan pipes is known through out the pipe world.He's also well known for mixing 18l新利官网tobaccos.He doesn't smoke a 18l新利官网tobacco straight often.

    Congratulations on the five years.I can't imagine how you are doing it.

  3. dino said:

    Rich Esserman is a wonderful and informative conversationalist.It's always a pleasure to hear him speak of pipes and pipemen.His reminiscences of Ed Lehman were reflective of all who knew Ed.He was a "charter" member of the Chicago club,one of the progenitors of the Chicago 18l新利官网Show and a truly good friend to all who knew him.
    I always seek out Rich at the Chicago 18l新利官网shows,to say "hello" and kibitz about pipes and 18l新利官网tobaccos.He is one of the venerable pipemen of our community.I'm waiting,anxiously for next week's continuation of the conversation.
    Mazel tov on the start of year five of this great 18l新利官网show!
    And,thank you for four years of entertainment,information and camaraderie.

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